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8.0 Custom software. Fully modified rooted

How to install the newest custom software for Android 8.0 units. this is our fully customizable softare that has Viper and is rooted. This update is ONLY for PX5 MTCD / MTCE units

Step 1. Download the and MODinstaller.apk

Step 2. Copy both file to a newly formatted Memory stick. Put the memory stick in the USB port of the android unit

Step 3. Go to APKinstaller or Filebrowser and install the MODinstaller.apk

Step 4. Once it is installed hit the big INSTALL button that comes up at the end.

Step 5. After the unit has booted into recovery. Select wipe data, then select Install system update > from USB

(to switch selection, press the power button once.  To execute the select action, press and hold the power button)

Step 6. After installation is done, select reboot now. (remove USB stick)

Step 7. Once you are in the new android system, wait a minute, The unit will reboot by itself..

Step 8. Find the program VIPER. start it and go through the steps, it will ask to install a driver, chose newest, then chose GRANT root.  after that click reboot system.

Step 9. Find Mod settings. go to MANAGE APPLICATIONS in the top list grant access to viper. In the bottom list grant access to your navigation software (this can be done at a later time.)

Step 10. Chose default theme in Mod settings HCT and grant it access.

1. Download link for 8.0 

2. Download link for Sygic Europe