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Which unit and brand should YOU choose


This guide is made to help you in your choice with headunits. We have only selected the very best and here we have highlighted the strength of each unit type.


We have segmented our units into different series. the series name is stated on the left and the benefits of each type is stated on the right

GXAlround good unit. with easy to connect and generally less cables and clutter than the other units.  This unit runs our custom Android 8.0 system
FXThe best units on the market. They feature better soundchip and have an overall better internal quality. This unit runs our custom Android 8.0 system
XVAlround good unit which takes advantage of having an Onboard DSP chip. This gives a much better sound quality. the hardware is easy to connect and everything is labeled perfectly. This unit runs our custom Android 8.0 system
TXThe TX units are special units for Mercedes, BMW and Audi. TX6 runs android 6.0, TX7 runs Android 7.1.2 These units work fantastic with newer German premium cars, and they let you retain the original interface while providing a new Android interface that has all the cool new features.
GTThe GT series or "Tesla" monitors are the big 10"+  units that fit several cars. these units have an advantage if you need a bigger display with climate controls in the bottom of the screen
SXThe SX series use normal ISO connectors. which is great if you need Connects2 steering wheel adapters. The quality is the same as VX. but the monitors are IPS which provide better colors and viewing angles. This unit runs our custom Android 8.0 system




GX, FX, XV and SX run our custom Android 8.0 which features many stability and speedup fixes, the system is overall faster and has better sound than other chinese headunits.

Highlights of our Android 8.0 system

Viper4Android: Increases volume by 30% and has much wider adjustment range on the sound, giving you much better sound.
Stability updates: Further makes the unit run better and more stable
Speedup modifications: that makes the unit run much faster
Mod settings: This allows you to further modify the unit to your pleasing.



All the headunits run the latest maps and the latest updates.  we constantly develop or update apps and android systems, these updates will always be available on the wiki pages together with knowhows and guides on how to update.


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